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Did they know it was just me in a shed???

Doing what I love and getting a lovely warm reception from people about it is really special. I've honestly been blown away with the kind words. I walked away from the corporate world just over two years ago, gave myself sometime working with small businesses and then in August 2015 decided to give Between the Woods & Sea some was a long time coming but definitely worth the wait!!

I've exhibited in a few galleries now and had a Xmas and NY show with the Scottish Arts Club in Edinburgh, Also been at a small number of craft fairs and a lovely local retailer Why Not? Another great place is the Scottish Design Exchange in Edinburgh which is an artist collective and I've been there since Feb 2016 but I was less prepared for a phone call from the Ideal Homes Show Scotland as they has seen my Facebook page as asked if I'd be interested in going to their show in May 2016. Quite a step change I thought, might be fun I thought with 55,000 people attending over 4 days........did they know it's just me in a shed?????

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